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Mini Market Tycoon

About Mini Market Tycoon


Working to develop a supermarket has never been so easy. You will become the boss of a mini supermarket in Mini Market Tycoon. At first, have to do all the work yourself such as harvesting, cashing, and delivering. The reason is you do not have enough money to hire more staff at this time. You not only own a mini supermarket but you also have a small farm. Therefore, the food in your market is produced by yourself. Don't worry too much about the shipping process because the farm is right next to the supermarket. When customers buy, you will earn a certain amount of money and use them to upgrade the supermarket.

Things you need to do in Mini Market Tycoon

In the beginning, you will have 2 tomato plants and a chicken. You will take tomatoes to the supermarket to sell. Tomatoes in this game are also chicken feed. A chicken that eats a tomato will lay an egg. Once you've filled the shelves with food, you can throw the leftovers in the trash. You will see a trash can right at the door. However, throwing things away is not recommended. When you have earned a lot of money then you can buy more helpers. These people can help you feed the chickens, deliver the goods, and the cashier. At that time, your only task is to collect money. Note that the speed and capacity of these helpers will need to be upgraded.

In addition to the above foods, you will expand your market by growing and selling other foods like wheat or coffee. The more food you have, the more income you will get. Don't forget to add helpers to make your work idler.

The highlights of this game

  • The game has simple and addictive gameplay. You will develop the supermarket slowly. Earn money and grow more food.
  • Familiar stickmen characters. They will not participate in any adventure in this game.
  • Suitable for children to entertain.

How to control

Use the mouse to play this game.

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