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Minecraft Classic

About Minecraft Classic


Minecraft Classic is a game where you fully express yourself, both in terms of thinking ability and creativity. In this game, you can build your own empire and immerse yourself in adventures.

Exploring the Minecraft Classic game

The map in Minecraft Classic is extremely large and contains countless interesting secrets to help gamers comfortably travel and explore. During those trips, you can not only collect wood, and stones on the ground, but gold rush also and other items in the ground and tunnels. You can build a house or any architecture you want based on these materials. In addition to this popular game, there is another game also really favored called Cookie Clicker City. Both are games where you will build your own area, but if you are lazy to get building materials then you can try this new game you will be able to get help from grandma in the game.

What makes Minecraft Classic attract people

The thing that attracts gamers the most when coming to Minecraft Classic is probably building and creating. With the materials you collect, you can easily find an empty lot to build a castle, even many other gamers recreate great architecture like the Great Wall. a castle, or a big and modern city. However, there are also haters who want to destroy your achievements so you need to fight them. Thus, Minecraft Classic not only helps players express their creativity but also gives them a lesson that they need to know how to protect their own achievements. If you want to find a game both interesting and valuable, Minecraft Classic will not make you disappointed.

How to control

  • WASD, cursor keys, and space to jump (double jump to hover)
  • Left/ right click to mine/ place items
  • 1-9: select items slots
  • T - throw items
  • C - add tree
  • CTRL- S: save
  • CTRL - L: load
  • F1: HUD
  • Esc: pause the game/ see these instructions again.

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