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Mermaid Tail Rush

About Mermaid Tail Rush


In Mermaid Tail Rush, your task is to help the mermaid have a really long tail. Are you ready to come to the kingdom of mermaids and accept this challenge?

Mission when participating in Mermaid Tail Rush

In this fascinating game, you will be a fairy with shiny blonde hair. She has always dreamed of having a really long tail, you will help her achieve that dream. Through each round of the game, your only task will remain unchanged which is trying to collect fishtails, so that at the end you will have the longest tail possible. However, along the way you will encounter various obstacles, do not let them stop you or cut off your tail. After clearing this fascinating game, if you want to experience another game, I would like to recommend the track of Subway Surf 2. Join this game, you will be a young man on the road to avoid obstacles and escape from police pursuit.

Fishtails in different colors in Mermaid Tail Rush

The task is to collect fishtails, but you will see a lot of fishtails with different colors along the way. So which tails will you collect or collect them all? The answer is that in order for your tail to grow, you need to collect tails of the same color as yours. However, what if you accidentally collect tails of different colors? It won't be too big of a problem, if that happens, your tail will simply change to another color that is the same color as the tail you just collected but it won't grow any longer. However, if you know the uses and pay attention to the front, sometimes there won't be many tails of the same color as yours so you won't be able to increase the length of your tail. You can choose to change the color of the tail to collect fishtails of the same color as the new tail, so you will have more chances to lengthen the tail.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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