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Marble Run

About Marble Run


Marble Run is an extremely interesting rolling ball game combined with puzzles. You need to create a fairway according to your creativity. The ball will roll that way.

Introduction to Marble Run game

You can build mazes and runs using a variety of materials. To make a track, you can use wooden blocks or carved rails. Special tools like fans, elevators, guns, etc. Choose a rock and start building your run. It is also possible to add lights to the track and change the background from day to night. Run, test, and remember to save! Try to design a great taxiway!


Playing Marble Run is a pretty easy game. All you have to do is build a track for the ball to move on. Then decorate it with additional items if you want. Then you choose a ball that you love and place it on the track.


Your goal in this game is to build the most attractive, safe, and creative track possible. You have the option to check out runs made by others or save and share your runs.

Some tips

  • Utilize many different shaped wooden blocks to build special and artistic running tracks. To get different effects, you can rotate, tilt, or overlap the wooden blocks.
  • Your run will be more engaging and visually appealing if you include unique elements like lighting, fans, elevators, and cannons. Special ones can be combined to create complex and imaginative mechanisms.
  • You need to ensure a safe fairway before bringing the ball down. To check if your path is safe, stable, and free of falling balls or obstructions, you can experiment with different marbles.

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