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Makeover Run

About Makeover Run


As a girl, everyone wants to be beautiful, right? However, our heroine is self-deprecating because of her appearance. Help her collect beauty items so she can confidently pursue the guy she likes!

Collect beauty items in Makeover Run

Being ridiculed by other girls for her appearance, our character is very upset about it. Fortunately, on the way, there are many beauty products such as clothes, shoes, and makeup. Your task in this game is to control the heroine so that she can collect beautiful items. Then confidently walked to the place where the guy she liked and successfully won his heart. If you want to experience a different game, you can also try Body Race Online. In this game, to be able to keep a beautiful body, you need to collect healthy food and healthy items. Stay away from fast food if you don't want to finish with a chubby body.

Impressive features of Makeover Run

After each successful pursuit of the guy you like, you will receive a certain number of hearts. You can use that number of hearts to unlock other handsome guys. You can change so that the guy you like is handsome with more attractive outfits. You can also use that number of hearts to unlock followers who are other guys who will follow you along the way. Try to collect beautiful items, and avoid dirty clothes and swamps. They will be a hindrance to your success. Besides, the more you play to higher levels, the more difficult challenges you need to overcome, there will be more dirty puddles and more unclean clothes on the way. So you should be careful and observe carefully to make a reasonable decision. If you succeed, your character will become so beautiful and shimmering that other girls will envy you.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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