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Love Birds

About Love Birds


Love Birds is a good and engaging card-flipping game. Players will continuously flip open the cards to look for cards with similar characteristics.

Instructions on how to play

To play the game Love Birds, you will first be shown pictures of all the cards, in turn, then you need to flip open the cards and memorize the features of the images contained in the cards. After flipping and opening the cards, you need to remember where the cards have the same characteristics, and in what position, then flip the two cards with the same point continuously, the two cards will automatically disappear and you will continue. Find other matching cards. For every three consecutive correct matches, you will create a bird couple. The game continues when you open all the cards. Scores and levels or other information are displayed on the screen for easier control of the game. You can choose wrong, but the system will count the turn, so if wrong more times allowed you will lose. The game level will be raised when you conquer the challenges.

Love Birds is a memory training game

The game of choosing the same picture is a very good memory training game and is played by many young people today, especially children. The ability to remember information well and high concentration will be trained thanks to this game. Now you can both entertain and train your brain with the game Love Birds. Players will feel excited with each level of the game, conquering high levels with more difficult challenges to help increase memory and concentration. Join the game to choose the same picture to have moments of relaxation and the benefits that this game brings to you. 

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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