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LOL Beans io is a battle royale game where all jelly beans avoid all obstacles, complete different mini-games, race to the finish line, and survive to the last!

Game Rules

As the name suggests, this game is about bean battles! Players control a jelly bean and compete against other beans in several rounds. The player who can go to the end is the winner.

In different rounds, you must complete certain tasks. Though, most of the time, you must be one of the fastest players to get to the finish line to qualify for the next round. After each round, certain beans will be eliminated and certain beans can progress to the next round.

The last bean to survive is the champion.

Some common obstacles that you may encounter include swinging hammers, bouncy balls, slippy hills, and many more.

Each round has different obstacles and challenges to test your skills and reflexes. Sometimes you need to jump to pass through an obstacle. Other times you must wait and move carefully. And the challenges get harder after round. 

Game controls

Move the bean with WASD or arrow keys.

Press the Spacebar or right-click to jump.

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