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Description with many interesting features will entertain you after tiring moments. Are you ready to strengthen yourself in the addictive game

Take on the opponents in

When joining this game, you will control one of your characters to collect weapons such as knives, and swords, and defeat opponents. You will not be competing with just one person, but with many people. The more weapons you collect, the greater your power, and the easier it is to defeat other opponents. However, when moving you will very easy to clash with other players, so if you feel that your strength is not enough to destroy the enemy, you should quickly move away from them or turn on room mode. Besides, you should be careful because if you let your opponent beat them, you will not be able to play again but will be eliminated. Also, when you are bored with this game, maybe you will be interested in Run 3. This is a game where you will help your character explore space.

Make changes in the store of

In this addictive game, you can gradually upgrade your sword to increase its power. So how will you upgrade? Buy swords in the shop, the same swords will be able to combine and create a stronger version. You will gradually buy and combine them depending on how much gold you have, then equip the best sword you have when you go to battle to increase your chances of victory. In addition, you can also change the avatar for your character. There are many cute, funny avatars in the store, if you want the game to look more interesting you can make the changes you want here. is indeed an interesting game, attracting attention and providing moments of relaxation for many gamers.

How to control

  • Hold the mouse to control
  • Release the mouse to turn on the defensive mode.

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