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Keeper Of The Grove

About Keeper Of The Grove


Keeper Of The Grove is a fighting game where you have to protect a grove. Utilize the powerful trees to shoot all monsters in this game. Good luck to you!

Defeat monsters in Keep Of The Grove

Grove face many bad monsters which can destroy them. The trees have to against the monsters. However, they need a leader who plays the role of their keeper. Keeper Of The Grove will turn you into a keeper. In this game, you will arrange the powerful trees in a suitable place. Then, they can attack and prevent monsters from entering the grove. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each tree. From that, you can find a suitable position for them. 

Plant the trees in Keeper Of The Grove

These trees aren't normal because they have  wonderful power. They can't attack monsters.  You will put them along the road where the monsters move. However, these trees aren't available. You need coins to buy them. where you can earn coins? When you kill a monster, you can get some coins. In the beginning, you will receive some coins for free. Remember that the expensive tree will own much destructive power. You can follow the HP bar on the head of monsters. When these bars of monsters run out, the monsters will die.

Find more about Keeper Of The Grove

To conquer this game, you must be familiar with tree characters, awards and skills in this game first.


You press the guide button to learn about defenders, enemies and spells. There are many kinds of defenders, enemies as well as spells. You can click on their avatars of them to know their features. When you know these things, you can have a perfect plan to defeat enemies. For example. Sprout can strike the monsters from a long distance.


There are four main branches of skills connected with different elemental skills. You can unlock these skills gradually.


Finally, this is the most interesting part where you can receive many surprises. You may see many missions in this part. After completing them, you can get a reward. Of course, these tasks aren't easy to accomplish. For instance, you have to stop 100 monsters in the first defence.

Game control

Use the mouse to play this game.

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