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Jump The Birds

About Jump The Birds


Help a bird move to a safe place in Jump The Birds. Be careful with sharp spikes above and below the platform. Select your favorite mode and start the game!

Play Jump The Birds online game

Let's play another game that you've probably never played before. With the help of our game, you will have a lot of fun when waiting for the bus at the bus stop, taking a cab, waiting for a buddy someplace, or just relaxing at home. In this game, you must fulfil a number of assignments. It might be a little irritating how long it takes to get used to it. Let's test your ability to do these chores while utilising the game's birds.

The simple logic of Jump The Birds

To gather coins, the mission bird must jump onto the platforms. See how many of the millions of gamers' assignments you can complete. How many platforms will you jump on and how many coins will you be able to gather if you choose to play in infinite mode? You may observe that we leave some of your UI elements behind if you play the game for a while. Handle. By completing the assignments you are assigned in Mission Mode, you can earn money. Some tasks may require you to purchase various birds, so try to use your money wisely. Remember to check out our website. A fantastic time.

Two modes for you to choose

Jump The Birds has 2 modes for you to choose from. They are endless mode and mission mode. In mission mode, you have to complete many given tasks to level up. In contrast, you just jump until your character collides with obstacles in endless mode. Our website has another game where you have to jump over obstacles. It is Geometry Dash, but the main character of it isn't a bird.

Game control: Click the left mouse to jump.

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