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Jump Bunny Jump

About Jump Bunny Jump


Jump Bunny Jump has a magical bunny that can jump into the sky. Collecting coins and useful items supports your sky adventures. Now, explore the sky!

Reach the sky in Jump Bunny Jump

As you know, bunnies can jump. In this game, a bunny even can jump into the sky. Our entire conception of bunnies is that they move along the ground, hopping fast but only jumping on the Earth. Now we bring another bunny that has changed. He has evolved. Bunnies may now launch themselves into the stratosphere and beyond. It sounds strange, doesn't it? However, it is real in this game. Are you ready to have an adventure with the bunny?

Use the keyboard to fly in Jump Bunny Jump

Join this rabbit as they soar through the air and into the far reaches of space. As you fly across platforms, spikes, and cannonballs, collect carrots and other riches. By moving toward the floating trampolines strewn around the various stages, you may improve your leap. You will follow the horizon in an endless-style game for as long as you can survive. You may spend the money and other riches you find as you strive to reach higher altitudes on the many upgrades of your choosing. This game is for those who enjoy jumping and animals. anybody who enjoys moving around, jumping, flying, etc. If you wanna experience another endless game, you can try Slope Game.


Please build up your energy on your desktop PC using the Space Bar before releasing it to launch. To control the bunny, use the left and right arrow keys.

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