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Interstellar Run

About Interstellar Run


If you are looking for a game that can help you relax in your free time, come to Interstellar Run. You will control your character to run as far as possible on the track to get the highest score possible.

Your goal in Interstellar Run

In this addictive running game, you will transform into an astronaut character. You are running on a race track in outer space. Don't let yourself fall off this track, or the game will be over. The track of Interstellar Run is quite difficult when there will be constantly empty cells that can cause you to fall out. In addition, the laser beams can stop and knock you out of this game, so you need to be very attentive to your safety, do not be defeated by them. If you have ever played Run 3, you will see that these two games have similarities, especially in terms of the concept of the game. However, in Run 3, platforms will not suddenly disappear.

The special of Interstellar Run

You will have two lives to experience this fascinating game. Don't let yourself die a second time. In the game Interstellar Run, the track is endless, it consists of interconnected platforms. In particular, the gray-painted platforms can fall due to the weight of the astronaut, so when you step on these gray platforms, you either quickly move to another platform, or you will be disqualified. The astronaut character has the ability to control gravity, he easily jumps on walls and ceilings and changes his perspective according to those steps. The further you run on this track, the higher the score you get. Try to get the highest score possible and place yourself on the leaderboards of the game Interstellar Run and compete with other players.

How to control

  • Use the A, and D keys or arrow left, and arrow right to move.
  • Use the W key, arrow up, or Space bar to jump.

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