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Infinite Craft

About Infinite Craft


Start the new game Infinite Craft now! This game belongs to the idle game genre that was widely known when it was first released. Let's create the most elements!

Infinite Craft game features


This game belongs to the genre of endlessly creative idle games. Infinite Craft game has simple but extremely attractive gameplay and graphics.

Gaming rules

You combine 2 random elements to create a new element.

Game benefits

This game helps you relax in your free time effectively. In addition, it also helps you increase your creativity and strengthen your vocabulary.

How to play this game

In the game Infinite Craft, you need to combine 2 elements to create from 4 given elements.
You start with four elements including Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. Drag all four elements onto the game map. Then you randomly combine 2 of them and you will get a new element. Just like that, you can create many other elements.
To make it easier for you to imagine, here are some examples for you:

  • Water + Wind will be Ware
  • Water + Earth will be Plant
  • Fire + Wind will be Smoke
  • Smoke + Wind will be Cloud

You just need to combine any two elements to see if they will create the next new element. They create new elements based on logic so you can completely predict. You can take advantage of your intelligence to create many different elements.

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