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Impossible Glow Ball Twist

About Impossible Glow Ball Twist


The Impossible Glow Ball Twist game is a difficult ball control challenge. In this game, you must control your ball through a maze with glowing squares.

Game features

Game missions

Impossible Glow Ball Twist is a fun and challenging arcade game in which you have to guide a glowing ball through a series of mazes and obstacles.

Ball control

Control the ball's movement with the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard - left to jump left and right to jump right. You have to keep jumping from one tile to another. If you make a wrong move, your ball will fall out and you have to restart!

Ball control tips

You have to think quickly and react appropriately to keep jumping on the right tiles in this fast-paced game. The tiles will move faster and the layout will get more complex as you go. The ability to quickly observe and control fingers skillfully is essential when using the keyboard.

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