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Holiday Slopes

About Holiday Slopes


Holiday Slopes is a fun Christmas-themed snowboarding game. Help Santa safely slide down the zigzag path to the bottom of the mountain.

Game features


You will have to slide down the ramp and collect gifts. When using fences and ramps, exercise caution as snowballs and bears can pose a threat. The game's goal is to ski as far as possible while avoiding red blocks and sliding downhill.


The game's stunning 3D graphics feature realistic light, shadow, and snowfall effects. The game's surroundings, including wooden houses, pine trees, and snowy mountains, are also quite detailed. The difference between different types of terrain is visible—such as snow, cobblestone, grass, wood, or concrete. The character Santa Claus in the game is also presented extremely realistically with a variety of costumes and accessories.


Hold down the left mouse button to change the direction of Santa's slide. Then release the left mouse button to change the sliding direction to the opposite direction.

Some tips in the Holiday Slopes game

  • To avoid hitting fences and ramps, you should go left or right because snowballs and bears will block your way.
  • When you encounter a high obstacle or gap in the road, you should jump, but you also need to know how to orient yourself correctly while in the air.
  • To improve your score and get new costumes, you should collect gold coins.
  • You should complete levels as quickly as possible to earn more stars and access new levels.

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