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Helix Ball Jump

About Helix Ball Jump


In Helix Jump Ball, you need to rotate so that the ball moves down the spiral tower according to the gap of each block floor. How many levels can you conquer in this addictive game?

Rules of Helix Ball Jump

Participating in this game, what you need to do is rotate the tower left or right so that the ball can jump into the space between the blocks and fall down in the fastest time possible. However, you can only control it so that the ball falls on light color blocks, if you let it fall on dark color blocks, the game will end. While controlling this game, you will see a speed-up icon appear, if you collect this item, it will be very beneficial for you. It will turn your ball into a fireball, giving it increased speed and being able to destroy anything it touches. However, if you are bored with this game, come to Run 3, where the game rules are a bit different. Instead of controlling the ball to fall into the void like Helix Ball Jump, you need to help your character avoid the gaps on the track of Run 3.

What makes Helix Ball Jump so popular?

Helix Jump Ball is appreciated for its simple and attractive gameplay. In addition, the difficulty of the game Helix Jump Ball increases gradually with the number of levels completed. In many levels, you even find it difficult to find an angle to adjust the turntable for the ball to fall, or in some positions, you must avoid jumping in if you do not want the game over too soon. Creating scenarios that fall through 3 or more floors in a single jump will earn you more points and power up, and destroy the next floor. The more difficult the game, the more excited the player is and wants to conquer, for that reason Helix Ball Jump is a pretty favored game.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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