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Happy Wheels

About Happy Wheels


Welcome to the violent racing game called Happy Wheels. In this race, you need to control your character to safely move through deadly obstacles. This game is based on physics, every character's movements are extremely realistic. You need some time to get used to the character's movement mechanism. This is a difficult challenge. Prove you can conquer this challenge with your amazing skills.

How to play

you control the character's movement with the arrow keys

Use the Z key to leave the vehicle

Press the Ctrl or Shift key to activate the character's special skills


Wheelchairs, bicycles, motorbikes and other vehicles are available for you to choose as your character's means of transportation. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of vehicle are different, depending on factors such as speed, climbing ability, traction, etc. When choosing your character, keep these things in mind.

Each character possesses a unique special ability such as the ability to fly, drop bombs or shoot missiles. These abilities should be used as needed to overcome challenges or provide interesting action sequences.

When your car breaks down or gets stuck, leaving the car can sometimes help you keep racing. You can also get out of your vehicle to perform incredible feats or avoid getting too seriously injured.

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