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Happy Wheels

About Happy Wheels


In Happy Wheels the challenges are very difficult to overcome, if you are not careful you will have to witness scary scenes. Experience knowing what those scenes are!

Take part in adventurous journeys in Happy Wheels

Welcome to a legendary arcade game - Happy Wheels. There are many game modes in this game, and the goal of the game also depends on each game mode. Similarly, the challenges are also set up differently. However, their common point is that they are all very dangerous, just a small mistake you can get stuck or even your character can be dismembered, and your vehicle will be destroyed by this death race. Therefore, participating in this game you must be a risk-taker and be very focused and careful to ensure the life of your character. If you're a fan of extreme racing, but don't want to see gory scenes, then Cycle Extreme might be right for you. This will be where you ride your off-road bike through rough roads.

Transform into many characters in Happy Wheels

Not only there are many levels for you to experience in Happy Wheels, but you also get to play the role of characters who control different vehicles to overcome obstacles to the finish line. You can choose to be an old man in a wheelchair, a gentleman on a scooter, or a man on a bicycle carrying children. In addition, your vehicle is equipped with a jet engine to help you easily escape the circle of dangerous obstacles. Happy Wheels is an addictive game that attracts everyone, especially if you are an adventure enthusiast, this legendary game cannot be ignored.

How to control

  • Left and right arrow keys to lean
  • Up arrow key to accelerate
  • Down arrow key to decelerate
  • The spacebar to primary action
  • Shift + Z to eject.

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