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Grenade Hit Stickman

About Grenade Hit Stickman


Welcome to this extremely attractive grenade-throwing game! Are you ready for Grenade Hit Stickman's incredible orbital grenade-throwing experience? Let's start the game now!

Throw grenades perfectly in Grenade Hit Stickman

In this game, you will play as an accurate grenade thrower, your aim is the dancing stickman in front. Your mission is to blow up their base, destroy buildings, and most importantly destroy this stickman. To be able to throw grenades as accurately as possible, you should use the suggestion of Grenade Hit Stickman. Drag the mouse and release when the sight is aimed at the target, this grenade will fly in an arc and towards the position you have aimed first. The important thing in this game is that you need to blow up and destroy all the stickmen before you can move to another level. If you are a player who likes action games, Shell Shockers is such a game. You can join the game and fight against other players.

Some notes for you when participating in Grenade Hit Stickman

You should accurately throw the grenade as close to the target as possible, you should also try to throw fewer grenades by throwing the grenade as accurately as possible at where the stickman is standing. If so, you have successfully completed the task and received the reward. However, you will lose if you use up all the grenades and still have not destroyed these stickmen. Besides, sometimes you need to handle the situation properly to continue the game. For example, for a stickman locked in a glass cage, you need to find a way to solve the puzzle to open the doors. Stickman not only die from grenades, but they can also die from falling foreign objects like wooden crates, broken stairs, etc.

How to control

Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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