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Giant Rush!

About Giant Rush!


Be a powerful stickman in Giant Rush

Stand on the ring is never simple. Now, Giant Rush will turn you become a powerful giant. Your mission is to defeat another giant at the end of the way. You have to upgrade yourself from a weak stickman into a king of power. How to do that? Let's explore this game. The game is playable on the web browser thanks to HTML 5 technology. Therefore, desktop or mobile also can access this game.

Collect power and kick out opponents in Giant Rush

What is the power? They are other stickmen along the road. To go to the ring, you have to overcome a road which has many stickmen. Collect them to improve your power. The more stickman you get, the bigger your character is. You must collect the same colour stickmen with your character's colour. Otherwise, your character won't be happy. Your character can change his colour when he goes through a colour machine. So, you need to look carefully.

Hit the opponents in Giant Rush

At the end of the road, you will enter a ring where your opponent is waiting for you. Click the mouse or tap the screen continuously to hit. Look at the power bar, don't let it run out. You can see your health on your character's head. You also can follow the enemy's health through a blood bar on their head. Punch your opponent out as far as possible. Don't forget to collect the gems on the road. You can use the gems to upgrade your character's kick power, and buy hats, ... Some special items such as shoes, and kicks can be unlocked by watching ads.

Levels in Giant Rush

The game has many levels for you to play. The difficulty will gradually increase when you advance to the next level. You will overcome some certain normal levels, then you have to face a hard level. These hard levels will have bosses who will battle with you at the end.

Game control: Use the mouse or tap the screen to play.

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