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Geometry Spot

About Geometry Spot


Geometry Spot is a platformer game in which players take the role of a geometric shape and try to navigate over waves of challenges and get to the finish spot.

How to play Geometry Spot

This game is a variation of the original Geometry Dash game. Players control a geometric cube and it will keep moving forward when you start the game. The goal is to overcome different obstacles like spikes, gaps, and moving objects, and reach the finish portal to complete a level. It is challenging because even a single hit into an obstacle can lead to the end of the game. And players must start from the beginning! So train your reflexes and try to act quickly to reach further in the game.

This is a fantastic game for players to learn about reflexes, physics, and geometry.

The game also offers many levels which allow players to test and improve their skills.

Each level has unique challenges and difficulties!


Press the Up arrow or the Spacebar or left mouse button to jump.

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