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Geometry Dash Limbo

About Geometry Dash Limbo


Geometry Dash Limbo is an upgraded version of the game Geometry Dash. You have to overcome a much more difficult challenge than the original version.

Difficult challenge

Can you conquer Geometry Dash Limbo? This game is truly a difficult challenge for players who love Geometry Dash. Different from the original version in the slide layout. In the original version, you control the box to move in a straight line. But in this game, you have to move on consecutive diagonal lines. You have to have good reaction skills to set a record in this game.


The way to play this game is similar to games in this genre. You left-click to make your square jump. Each time you jump, you will be moved to the next diagonal segment.

Tips in Geometry Dash Limbo

  • To master the jumping, flying, and running elements of the level. Take plenty of exercise. This game has a very fast pace, so you need to try to master the moving speed of the box.
  • Practice mode allows you to retry challenging sections. You can play over and over again in this mode. Once you know the obstacle layout, you can confidently pass the level easily.
  • A tip for you is to pay attention to aligning your movements with the rhythm of the song. You can use the game's soundtrack to help you decide when to run, jump, or fly. Stay calm and focused on the music so you can respond quickly and accurately.

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