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Fridge Master

About Fridge Master


You are looking for a fun game that can bring moments of great entertainment. You are a person who likes to be neat and tidy, so Fridge Master is exactly the game made for you.

Your goal in Fridge Master

In this game, you will be the owner of a refrigerator with many different compartments, along with a lot of items that need to be neatly folded into the refrigerator. These foods will have different sizes because they are very diverse, including water bottles, cakes, meat, milk, etc. Your task is based on the size of each item as well as each compartment in the refrigerator to fit them into the drawers without leaving any gaps. Fridge Master is designed with very simple gameplay, you just need to touch to open the cabinet, touch the drawer you want to stack, touch the desired cart, and put the item in the cabinet. When you have played this game too much, if you want to experience a different kind of game, you can try playing Slope 3. This is an extremely attractive ball-rolling game that allows you to control the ball on the track. endless space. But don't let the ball roll off the track.

Features of Fridge Master

The game consists of many different levels, you will fill the refrigerator compartments by dragging and arranging the items into the correct positions in the appropriate drawers. If you successfully complete the task without leaving any gaps or leaving any remaining items outside, you will receive 3 stars, and the corresponding amount of cash. In addition, if you find your arrangement is not right or effective, you can use the cash you have to undo and try to choose the best possible arrangement. Hopefully, this colorful game with simple gameplay will help players feel comfortable and relaxed.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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