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Four In A Row

About Four In A Row


Four In A Row is an addictive game with easy gameplay. However, creating a line of at least 4 discs isn't simple. You also compete with many other players.

If you are a big fan of the classic game Connect 4, you should try this game. Your mission is to connect at least four colourful dots into horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. You must finish the task before your opponent can do it to gain victory. Select your favourite colour and set the field size such as four in a row, three in a row, five in a row, etc., or even you can change turn time in online players mode. 

In this game, you can play with another person in online and two-player modes. In online mode, you can open a public room where anyone can match with you or a private room for you and your friends. You even can chat with your opponent in this mode. Besides, you also play with another person on the same computer. Each person will choose different colours and start the battle. If you want to play single, you can play vs computer. Beware of the intelligent movements of the CPU. 

The game will be a relaxing time for you and is an excellent way to kill time. You can have fun with your friend or play single to show your skills. Don’t wait anymore; click on the game to play now! 

Features of Four In A Row

  • Connect at least four dots in a line
  • Three modes for you to choose for free
  • The game is available on our web for free 

How to control

  • Click the mouse to drop discs

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