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Fire Road

About Fire Road


Fire Road is a speed game that challenges your reflexes. Your task is to control a ball of fire moving through an unclear tunnel. You try to go as far as possible!

About Fire Road game


You need to control a fast-moving fireball in a tunnel obstacle course. This game will test your reflexes. To move the ball in another vertical direction without encountering any collision, tap the screen. While colliding with a wall, your fireball will be turned off and the game will end immediately. You will score points when you move holy moves through the space between pairs of rectangular blocks.

How to play

This game has easy controls. You just need to left-click to change the height of the fireball.

Tips for you

In the game Fire Road, the most important thing is your reflexes. This tunnel is not like a normal tunnel. It continuously changes direction up and down. That's why you need to promptly control your fireball to move up and down according to the changing direction of the tunnel.

If you react slowly to a change in the tunnel you can try again several times. You can practice by playing the game many times. You will be able to get used to the flying speed of the fireball and practice your reflex skills.

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