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Eugene's Life

About Eugene's Life


Start Eugene's Life game to experience an exciting adventure. You need to help the character Eugene overcome difficult challenges along the way.

About Eugene's Life game


The story in the game Eugene's Life about Eugene's adventures is very witty and engaging. The plot of this game revolves around Eugene, a character with an odd appearance. Eugene can change his shape. Your goal is to figure out how to get home after becoming disoriented in a scary place. He has a very difficult road ahead before he can return to his kingdom.


You will transform into the character Eugene. Please help him get home. You can overcome dangerous obstacles by compressing, bouncing, jumping, and inflating. To reach the final flag, you also have to use your ingenuity to solve easy but very interesting puzzles.

How to play

  • To move your character, just press the arrow keys or A, D, W, and S.
  • You can overcome barriers and solve puzzles by zipping, bouncing, jumping, and inflating.
  • Additionally, you can interact with certain things using the spacebar.

Some tips

Use your transforming powers to overcome barriers and answer puzzles. You can jump to avoid obstacles, use your strength to cross small spaces, bounce to increase speed, and launch to fly high.

To progress in the game, take advantage of the furniture and equipment around you. To create various effects, you can use cannons, fans, gears, springs, levers, etc. The spacebar can also be used to interact with various things.

Be careful of monsters, traps, and other dangers. To know your status, check the status bar in the top left corner. The heart is another resource to regain health.

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