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Electro Dash

About Electro Dash


We'd like to give you a welcome to Electron Dash, a game in which you may pass the time by competing in exciting races. The features of this game will not end up being a letdown for you. You are going to have a fantastic time with every aspect of the game. You may already be familiar with one of these features from having played previous games. It is unusual for a game to have all of the outstanding features like this one does, but this game does it. Let's get this game started so we can take use of all these important features.

You will play the role of an astronaut in this game, and your mission will be to travel across space and discover new worlds. These roadways provide a number of perils and difficulties. Your mission is to take control of this astronaut and guide him through all of the challenges in order to get the maximum score possible.

You have control over your character as they travel through an endless tunnel. You are free to move around the tunnel in whatever direction you like. You may even hop in this tunnel to avoid crashing against objects or falling out of the tube into space. If you are defeated by being sent into space, the game is ended.

Excellent graphics and effect work.

You will get the chance to enjoy the game's stunning visuals and effects if you choose to participate in this game. You may enjoy beautiful turquoise tunnels. These roads are similar to the ones that your astronaut character runs on when they are in use. Behind the platforms, in particular, you get a good view of the night sky. It would seem that the bright stars are encouraging you to go forth.

How to play

Use arrow keys to control character and play this game

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