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Eggy Car

About Eggy Car


Eggy Car is a driving game in which players drive a car carrying an egg and reach as far as possible without cracking the egg.

Game Rules

The game rules are simple. Try to get as far as you can without breaking the egg! Players drive a car with an egg on it and move carefully to avoid obstacles. The egg is easy to break and even a single movement or chaos can cause it to fall out of the car. You must overcome waves of challenges like steep hills, dangerous slopes, and all kinds of obstacles.

To win the game, you must know how to control your balance and speed. This applies when you go up the hill. It needs to have enough speed to climb the hill and the car must not go too fast to knock the egg off.

Collecting coins is also an important part of your journey. Coins can be used to unlock different cars. Cars come in different specifications and some will feature different advantages over others. A bulky truck may contain the egg easily and bring a safe environment for the egg.


Use AD or Left/right arrows to move the car.

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