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Duck Life

About Duck Life


Duck Life is an action-adventure game that takes players on an exciting journey of a duck who dreams of becoming a champion racer. Train the duck to fly, run, and swim and take care of its energy to win every race!

How to play Duck Life game

Train your duck

The main goal of the game is to train your duckling's various skills and improve its abilities to compete in challenging races.

The four main skills that need to be trained are running, flying, swimming, and endurance.

You can select Train Running, Train Flying, or Train Swimming to join the training process. And once your duck is ready, select Start Race and test its skills.

Join the race

Join thrilling races against other ducks and try to win to earn money. The duck needs to run, move, fly, swim, and overcome waves of obstacles to reach the finish line. As you complete the race, you can earn coins and unlock new items in the shop. Purchase better equipment, and accessories, and increase your abilities.

Manage energy

The energy is important for training and racing. When you see the energy bar deplete, try to replenish it with food and seed. Make sure it's full before you enter the race.


When you progress through the game, you can unlock new areas and mini-games. Join these exciting mini-games to earn additional rewards and improve your duck's skills.



Left-click to jump.


Up arrow to jump.

Down arrow to dive.

Left/right arrow keys to move sideways.


Drag on the screen to change the direction.

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