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Drunken Tug War

About Drunken Tug War


The well-known video game series continues with Drunken Tug War. It's not about wrestling, boxing, or dueling this time. Are you prepared to put your strength to the test in a tug-of-war match?

You are about to enter the arena for a battle of dominance. Enter the ring and use your powerful arms to grasp one side of the rope. Start now if you're prepared to do so! There are two game modes. The first one allows you to play against the computer in a single-player gaming mode. If you believe in yourself and your physical prowess, you may challenge a buddy in the second game mode. The W key may be used by the first player, and the up arrow key by the second. To force your opponent to contact the green radioactive region, you must tug on your end of the rope. Get set and go! Press the W key as quickly as often as you can after the round begins. The health bars are shown at the top of the screen. The game is won by the person who wins five rounds. Do you anticipate becoming that person? Play right now to discover out! Wishing you success and enjoyable gaming!


  • 2 player game option
  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Nice 2D graphics

How to play

Player one can use the W key to control their character. Player two can use the up arrow key to control their character

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