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Drop Bricks Breaker

About Drop Bricks Breaker


Drop Bricks Breaker is a fun ball-shooting game suitable to play in your spare time. In this game, you have a cannon to catch balls and destroy numbered blocks. The blocks you need to destroy have many eye-catching colors. Each of these blocks is numbered. This number corresponds to the number of times the ball hits to destroy that block.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind

  • You will have a specific number of balls for each shot. To smash as many bricks as possible, you must use them wisely.
  • A number will be written on each brick. It tells you how many shots you need to hit the brick for it to be destroyed. This number is reduced by one if you cannot remove the brick in one shot.
  • Also, special things like bombs, stars, or gems need your attention. When you shoot them, they will react in different ways, such as exploding, scoring more points, or creating more balls.
  • If the bricks come into contact with the bottom line of the screen, you lose. To prevent that from happening, you must act quickly and skillfully.

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