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Draw Crash Race

About Draw Crash Race


Welcome to the homemade racing game Draw Crash Race. You will be able to paint your car. You will control this car and try to reach the finish line safely.

Features of Draw Crash Race game

This game is a fun action racing game. Start the race now to conquer the challenges in the levels.

Game genre

Draw Crash Race game is a game in the obstacle racing genre. However, this game has its unique features that make players enjoy it. In this game, you can draw your car and start competing with other opponents.

Game graphics

The game has realistic 3D graphics. The main character is a stickman. Each stickman has a different color. Homemade cars are also simulated interestingly. The structure of the car is only with straight axles and wheels. Your opponents are many. You need to try to finish before them.

How to play Draw Crash Race game

In this game, you control the direction of the car with the arrow keys.

You need to concentrate and move skillfully to reach the finish line safely.

Large balls appear to block your movement speed. Try to avoid them so you don't waste too much time.

The obstacle also has red hammers. It hits both sides. If your car is hit by it, you will have to stop the game immediately. Because they make your homemade car fall apart.

In addition, you need to move to the slides to gain momentum for the jumps. There are broken roads. You need to do this to be able to fly over the wormhole.

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