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Doodle Jump

About Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump is a jumping game where players control a character called the Doodler and jump, blast obstacles, and try to reach as high as possible.

Game rules

The game is set on an endless sheet of graph paper. Players must control the Doodler, jump from one platform to another, and try to jump as high as possible to get a high score.

The journey is filled with obstacles. The Doodler will keep on jumping automatically. And you must control it to move left or right to step on the green bricks. The green bricks are firm and you can stay on it. However, the brown bricks will fall into pieces if you step on them. So be careful. There are also springs that can help you jump higher. Besides, you can shoot and blast obstacles that prevent your way.

Try to get as high as you can to earn more points.

10 Worlds:

  • Normal
  • Space
  • Jungle
  • Soccer
  • Underwater
  • Snow
  • Halloween
  • Ice
  • Easter
  • Ninja

Game Controls

Left/right arrow to move left or right.

Up arrow or Left mouse button to shoot.

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