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Dive Master

About Dive Master


Stretch out before diving into the refreshing ocean in Dive Masters ! Prepare to accomplish all the parkours in the best way possible as this diving tournament will test your ability to discover perfection in all of your movements.

In this game, all that matters is how high you leap and where you position your body while you're falling. Here, you want to avoid doing a sloppy back flip or missing dives by diving directly in. To fall freely, simply click left and hold it until you reach the ideal position and angle. When you are ready, release the left click to watch your character finish falling. If you manage a good fall, you will ascend farther up the platform until you reach the following level. As you advance throughout the game, you will be able to access more difficult parkour and better characters to liven things up. Let's test your ability to gracefully splash water about now!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 19 different characters
  • Multiple levels on various spots
  • Daily spin to unlock different characters and diving tricks

How to play

After you locate the ideal location and direction to fall freely, click left and hold it. To begin the diving technique, let go of the left click.

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