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About Dash


Welcome to the sliding block control game in the Dash game. In the cube world, you control the cube to playfully climb a series of stairs. Try to go far away.

Game graphics

The dash game has voxel-style graphics. The graphics of this game are blocky cartoon graphics. Voxel is often used to create 3D images with tiny cubes, like Lego blocks.

Game effects

Dash game helps you have an effective relaxing time. You can play with your friends or play whenever you are free.
In addition, this game also helps you practice quick reaction skills.

Your tasks in Dash game

You will always run forward at fang speed. In the game, obstacles can sometimes be undulating stairs. So in Dash, you have to jump to avoid obstacles while sprinting to the finish line.

When playing Dash, one thing to keep in mind is that the game gets harder as you level up. Spinning squares can sometimes be used to increase the height of your jump, but you should still stay away from them if you're in a confined space. You risk being thrown into the air and hitting the wall if you don't dodge in time.

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