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Cut The Rope

About Cut The Rope


Cut the Rope and make a sweet getaway! Meet Om-Nom, one of the cutest video game characters ever! He's constantly on the lookout for something tasty to eat, and he'll need your aid to get there as he works his way through the many riddles. As Om-Nom munches on the delicacies you feed him, join him on this delectable adventure and put your puzzle-solving abilities to the test.

Cut the Rope features simple gameplay that everyone can pick up quickly. Your goal as the player is to cut the ropes that the sweets are attached to and bring them to the main character, Om-Nom. Use caution when using those scissors! Before you start cutting ropes, take a hard look at the level design. You must determine how gravity affects the situation. The sweets will be connected to many ropes in some stages. You must choose which ropes to cut in order to successfully complete the level. If you cut the wrong rope, the candy will become stuck, leaving Om-Nom with teary eyes and you with an unfinished level. Timing is also crucial. Keep your gaze fixed on the sweets. You'll be able to breeze through each level if you time your cut right. There's no need to hurry; Om-Nom is a patient creature. Each level also has three golden stars. Collecting them is optional, however doing so will raise your total score for the level. You can retry the level at any time if you forget to gather some. Try to gather all of the stars as a challenge!


  • Various puzzles to solve
  • Funny character, Om-Nom
  • Many levels to play
  • Physics to play with

How to play

Use the left mouse button to cut the rope and interact with other items.

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