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Curve Ball 3D

About Curve Ball 3D


Curve Ball 3D is a dramatic table tennis competition. You will be a table tennis player, your mission is to win against your opponent in the competition of Curve Ball 3D.

Rules of the game Curve Ball 3D

To start a match, you should move the ping pong racket to the center of the ball and left-click to serve the ping pong. Then the opponent will hit the ball toward you, and vice versa, you will also hit the ball to the opposite side. The task of both players is to hit the ball so that the opponent cannot block his ball and score points. If you are a sports enthusiast, you will not want to ignore such sports simulation games. Besides Curve Ball 3D, we have another sport which is Basketball Legends. This is a great game of basketball, allowing you to participate in competitions like a professional athlete under the enthusiastic cheers of the audience. If you are interested in this game, visit and experience it now!

Some tips for you when participating in Curve Ball 3D

To become the winner and continue to compete in the next matches, you need to score three points, equivalent to three goals to eliminate your opponent. However, in the whole tournament, you only have 5 lives. Therefore, you need to be very careful and focused to observe the ball and not let it fall. Moreover, the deeper you go into the inner rounds, the stronger the opponent, and the faster the game speed will be, the harder it will be for you. Here's a little tip for you, if you want to hit a spin, you can use the edge of the tennis racket to hit the ball. But, if you use this move, there is also a certain risk because it is possible that you will miss the ball. This table tennis tournament has a total of 10 matches, are you confident you will pass all 10 and become the champion?

How to control

  • Left click to launch the ball
  • Move your mouse to move the table tennis bat.

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