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Crowd City

About Crowd City


Joining a multiplayer game that emphasizes teamwork like Crowd City, you need to show the qualities of a leader to be able to gather as many members as possible. Wish you always top the leaderboard in Crowd City!

Gather the members in Crowd City

If you have ever played iScribble.IO, you will find that the rules of these two games are quite similar. Both games need you to help your character grow stronger. If in iScribble.IO your mission is to expand the territory, in Crowd City, you need to recruit as many members as possible. They are neutral, white people. Get close to them and bring them back to your team, the larger your team, the higher the probability of winning. With a large number, you can fight a team of other opponents. You can completely defeat teams with a smaller number of members than you, but if you meet a larger team, you should avoid it and go recruit more people to increase the strength of your team.

How to identify the characters in Crowd City

So how can you identify your team, the opposing team, and the neutrals? Before starting the game, you will be able to choose your character's color, which color you choose, when you join the game, your character will have that color. Same with other competitors, however, of course, they will have a different color than you. Neutrals are white people, but once you've convinced them to join the team, they'll change to the same color as your character. Also, you can name your character. During the game, based on the number of enemies you kill and the number of members you recruit, the system will automatically calculate your position on the leaderboard. Try to be always at the top of the game!

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

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