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Crazy Sheep Hooper

About Crazy Sheep Hooper


Crazy Sheep Hooper requires you to move your sheep in a strange way. Let's use your gun to shoot and use the bounce force to jump and reach the house. The movement of sheep is not easy in this digital world. It desperately needs your help to return home. Sheep have been wanderers for too long. Let's help this poor sheep together!

Crazy Sheep Hooper Levels

Crazy Sheep Hooper levels are many and the levels are locked until you complete the previous level. It is impossible to skip the previous levels to advance to the next levels. This rule is made to help players experience the game in a better way and have time to accumulate playing experience.

Playing Instructions

Your sheep will hold a gun in his hand with an endless amount of ammo. Shoot this gun at the ground for power and jump upwards. You need to control the direction of the shot to be able to control your movement. There are many platforms that lead to homes. You can jump from platform to platform to get to the target. If you accidentally fall to the ground, don't worry. You can keep shooting and jumping to move up the platforms.

Rewards You Can Earn

There are 3 stars on your way. Try to collect them and it's the proudest reward for all players.

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