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Crazy Roll 3D

About Crazy Roll 3D


Crazy Roll 3D is a thrilling endless running game in which players control a ball and roll through a series of slopes and obstacles. Race in the 3D world and guide the ball as far as possible.

How to play Crazy Ball 3D

Embark on adrenaline-pumping adventure

The game is set in a 3D world filled with neon lights. You must control a ball and overcome all kinds of obstacles to reach as far as you can and get a high score.

At the beginning, the ball will start and move slowly. You must steer to the left or the right to avoid upcoming obstacles. Avoid holes, gaps, spikes, waving platforms, and moving obstacles, and make sure that the ball is on the platform. If it crashes into any challenge or falls off the slope, you will lose the game. And you have to start from the beginning instead of where you lost the game.

The ball will move at a really high pace when you go further.

Pick up power-ups

As you move the ball, you will find different power-ups like shields, magnets, and 2x diamonds placed randomly around the map. Grab them and activate them at the right time to gain an advantage in the game.

For example, you should activate the shield when you reach a higher level of difficulty when there are many challenging obstacles on the way that require great reflexes to overcome.

Collect diamonds to unlock cool items

Diamonds are scattered along slopes. Collect them to buy power-ups as well as new balls in the game.

The game offers 29 different ball skins that you can try!

Game Controls:

1 Player Mode:

Use A/D or left/right arrow to steer the ball.

2 Players Mode:

Player 1: A/D to steer.

Player 2: Left/right arrow to steer.

Game Features

  • 29 different balls
  • Cool power-ups
  • Various challenges
  • Fantastic fast-paced game

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