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Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing

About Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing


With Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing , you and your buddies may compete against each other on the circuit. Discover intense bike parkour courses with some of the world's most breathtaking scenery, test your limitations, and hone your skills with three different levels of difficulty. You may choose to play with a companion and split the enjoyment, or you can explore the solo adventures and many difficulty settings that we have provided for you.

Jump on your bike and race across a fantastical 3D world filled with awe-inspiring natural settings, zany people, and treacherous parkour courses! Challenge a buddy to one of these one-of-a-kind racing courses, or compete against yourself in the single-player mode to see how far you can go! You may also select a more challenging game to play in order to provide your gaming group with additional obstacles and stir up some healthy rivalry. Following the selection of the gameplay mode, you will then be able to examine the available character skins, difficulty settings, and level. As you go through the game and win more races, you'll unlock new skins and levels, although the medium and difficult races are always accessible. You may put your skills to the test by beginning with the first level of the least difficulty level, and then moving on to the more difficult levels. Watch out for the bends and heights of the road, pull off outrageous stunts to find shortcuts, and make use of nitro boosters so you can remain ahead of your competitors.


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • 1P and 2P options
  • 10 uniquely designed race tracks
  • Funny character design
  • Stunning backgrounds

How to play

While Player 1 may move by using the arrow keys and accelerate by pressing the space bar, Player 2 can move by pressing the "E, S, D, F" keys and accelerate by pressing the left shift key.

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