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Cookie Clicker

About Cookie Clicker


Welcome to the world of cookies! Cookie Clicker is an idle game where your goal is to create as many cookies as possible with your mouse, assets, and upgrades! Complete 500 achievements and unlock different upgrades to grow your production!

How to play Cookie Clicker

The ultimate goal is to produce the most number of cookies and unlock all achievements in the game.

At first, you can produce one cookie by tapping on a big cookie on the screen. You can unlock different tools and assets if you reach a certain number of cookies.

For example, with 15 cookies, you can buy a cursor. With 100 cookies, you can buy grandma. As you progress, you can unlock farms, mines, factories, banks, temples, and more which can help you automatically produce cookies. In this stage, you just need to invest your cookies wisely into upgrades and sit to watch the number of cookies increase.

When you complete certain goals or tasks, you can unlock new achievements and different colors of milk.

As a clicker game, the game control is very simple. Left-click on a cookie on the screen to produce cookies. Use your left mouse button to buy upgrades!


  • 500 achievements
  • Simple and fun idle gameplay
  • Numerous upgrades

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