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Color Tunnel

About Color Tunnel


When I play Color Tunnel, I instantly think of slope game or slope 3 , where I steer a ball across a neon environment while evading various obstacles. However, due to its arcade-style visuals and basic idea, this game gives off a more vintage atmosphere. At first sight, I suppose most of you feel it is simple. The in-game difficulty, on the other hand, will undoubtedly frustrate you.

You must have quick reflexes and perform well-timed dodges along the voyage to be successful.

Did I mention that as you go down the tunnel, your speed will increase? The aim of the endless gameplay is to get the greatest score possible. Obstacles will appear unexpectedly, therefore players must focus while running; otherwise, the adventure will end abruptly if you hit with walls on the course.

Some facts about Slope Game 2 – Color Tunnel:

  • Color Tunnel takes place in a 3D world.
  • The tunnel with rainbow colors is spinning constantly making it hard to focus.
  • There are plenty of red obstacles as well.
  • When you see the tunnel changes colors, textures and obstacles, it means you move to a new level.
  • This is a two-player game allowing you to compete against your friend.
  • The game suggests you restarting either from 0 meter or from the point where you died previously.

Color Tunnel surely boosts your adrenaline.

Feature :

  • A retro game with arcade-style graphics
  • All levels have catchy and colorful design
  • New levels come up with more difficult challenges
  • The tunnel is packed with various deadly obstacles, including balls, blocks, and bricks
  • Fast-paced and addictive gameplay

How to play

To move, simply use the left and right arrow keys.

Make cautious to keep attentive since the obstacles appear unexpectedly and might shock you if you're racing at full speed down the tunnel. As you go to the next step, additional obstacles will appear, so continue with caution.

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