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Car Smasher!

About Car Smasher!


Race in Car Smasher! is extremely harsh. You will join the race with 7 other players, try to overcome all of them to run to the finish line first, and become the champion.

Your mission in Car Smasher!

Welcome to Car Smasher! and let's start the game by choosing a car for yourself. You will be given 1000 coins up front, use it to buy a car, and participate in these thrilling and exciting races. In the car race in Car Smasher!, you will compete with 7 other players who have the same goal as you to be the first to finish. Try to move on the slanted board to increase speed, however, on the way, there are also obstacles such as gas tanks, and if you crash into them, they will explode. If you are bored with this game, try playing Drift 1. This is a game where you will experience air racing with sharp turns.

Exciting Features of Car Smasher!

On the track of Car Smasher!, you will constantly encounter slanted boards, move into them to accelerate, and even fly up to overtake and outstrip your opponents. In addition, if necessary, you can use weapons to knock down the opponent. In the game's store, you can use the coins earned after each race to buy better, more beautiful cars. Moreover, to increase your strength on the track, you can upgrade possible skills, such as speed upgrades, and health upgrades. These are all power-ups that help you increase your chances of winning. To do these things, you need to have a lot of coins and earn coins through races. Remember, at the end of each race, the higher you are ranked, the higher the number of coins you will be rewarded.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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