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Bridge Water Rush

About Bridge Water Rush


Welcome to the game Bridge Water Rush! Join this exciting game, you will swim and collect as many colorful boards as possible and use them to climb the bridge.

Your mission in Bridge Water Rush

Designed with extremely simple graphics, Bridge Water Rush requires you to control a stickman guy swimming underwater and collecting colorful boards. Try to collect boards of the correct color, i.e. boards of the same color as your stickman character, stacking the boards on the back. The more games you collect and quickly bring to stack on the rope ladder, the higher your chances of winning. You need to be the first to climb the bridge safely to continue to unlock the next levels. If you have ever participated in the game Stack Colors, you will see that these two games have similarities in that both control stickman to collect color boards, However, in Stack Colors, you will push the cart and collect the boards on the bridge instead of in the water, and sometimes the color of the boards to be collected will change.

Some notes for you when participating in Bridge Water Rush

This is a multiplayer game where you will compete with many other formidable opponents, so in addition to trying to quickly bring the game to the finish line, you also need to pay attention to the progress of other players, not letting them go. destination before you. If you see anyone getting on the bridge before you, you can destroy their building by bringing your board to invade their building. Also, you should also remember, you can only collect boards of the same color as your stickman, so don't try to collect boards of a different color, it will only cost you more time.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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