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Boxel Rebound

About Boxel Rebound


Boxel Rebound is an exciting block-themed action game. In this game, your task is to control the pink box to move through the obstacles of each level.

Features of Boxel Rebound game

Game graphics

You will explore a world of monotonous cubes with the main color pink. A seemingly endless space opens before your eyes. All are created from basic shapes. You will feel easily relaxed when playing this game.

Game genre

This game belongs to the genre of sliding block and obstacle-overcoming games.


You control the pink box moving on a path full of obstacles. Your task is to perform precise jumps to overcome obstacles safely. Take your block to the finish line at each level.

Boxel Rebound game rules

  • In this game, you can easily control the box without having to read any instructions. There is only one movement you need to do: jumping.
  • Obstacles come in many types. Could be sunken holes. Or it could also be outcrops. There are sharp spikes below the path or even above.
  • To make accurate jumps, you need to firmly grasp the moving speed of the box. Because if you jump faster or slower, the block will hit an obstacle.
  • Pay attention to the arrow icons. Align the box so that it moves exactly to this icon and jumps.

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