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Blumgi Ball

About Blumgi Ball


Blumgi Ball is a basketball game where players control different Blumgi characters, aim, and throw the ball to get it through the hoop.

How to play

The main objective of the game is to send the ball to the basket and complete levels. The game consists of different levels. In each level, players control a different Blumgi character and overcome different obstacles to get the ball through the hoop and complete levels.

The game is set in the water and there are different objects and bouncing platforms that you can take advantage of like rafts, pumping blocks, walls, trees, and more.

The character also has a special power. It's to teleport directly next to the ball. So if you can't get the ball into the basket within one single shot, you can teleport to the ball right away and fix your mistakes.

You must complete a level to unlock the next level as well as chests with dozens of characters!

Blumgi Ball is a fantastic game for basketball enthusiasts. It features great graphics and awesome physics!

Game Controls

  • Left-click and drag to aim.
  • Release to shoot.
  • Spacebar to teleport to the ball.

Game Features

  • Colorful and beautiful graphics
  • Different Blumgi characters and levels
  • Teleporting superpower
  • Different obstacles and platforms
  • Smooth physics

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