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Bike Race Rush

About Bike Race Rush


Bike Race Rush is an online game where you have to race with your bike. Collecting coins, stars, and items along the way will be useful for you.

Now, it's time to race bike at the max speed. The race and adventure games with two-wheeled vehicles are always popular for everyone. If you like these kinds of games, you can ignore Bike Race Rush. Ready, steady and go! In this game, you will participate a high-speed bike race which places in the big city. Let's hop on your bike and get the victory in this race. 

How to play

Use the mouse to control your bike. Swipe the mouse up to jump over while swipe right or left to move right and left. You should be careful of the obstacles on the road. If you collide with them or traffic on the road, you will lose the game. 

Besides avoiding all ossicles along the way, you should collect the stars and coins. Then, you can use the coins to buy many useful items in the shop. Moreover, there are many power-ups and useful items in the part of the courses. Therefore, let's grab them to advance your powers. 


Bike Race Rush is playable on all smartphones or tablets such as iPhones, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android systems. Therefore, you can play the game anytime. Furthermore, Bike Race Rush can play online with HTML5 without download. 


  • 3D graphics
  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • An endless race will test your skills

How to control

Use the mouse to play

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