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Beach Soccer

About Beach Soccer


To aim your shot into the goal, click and drag. You'll have to fire all of the balls into the goal in certain stages since there are many balls. Purple balls must be knocked into the goal by another ball, while blue balls may only be fired once. Try to earn all three stars while avoiding the leaping crabs.

Tips and trick:

Take your time to aim. When you click on your ball, you'll be given the angle and route it will take, much like in other aiming games. To get a wider shot, drag the guideline ahead with your mouse. The dots will be further apart the broader the photo is. If you don't want your shot to have as much strength, don't stretch the guide as far as possible; instead, keep the dots closer together for a slower roll.

Make the most of the hurdles. You'll come across several leaping crabs as you go through the stages. Unlike the static crabs in the backdrop, those will block your shot. You can ricochet your ball and clear tricky angles by using the jumping crabs. On each level, you may also bounce your ball off the walls and platforms.

Other balls must be scored first. It's advisable to preserve the primary orange ball until last on levels with many soccer balls. With the orange ball, you can take as many shots as you like, therefore it's advisable to focus on putting blue or purple balls into the goal first.

Keep a close watch on the clock. Even if you acquire all three stars in a level, depending on how quickly it was done, you may lose points. If you want to keep things 100% and get all three stars on each stage, we recommend scoring your goal(s) as soon as possible!

How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game

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