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Basket Random

About Basket Random


Basket Random is a funny basketball game you can't miss. You control your basketball players to make as many perfect shots as possible to win.

Game features

The Basket Random game has many unique features that make players excited.

Game genre

This game combines basketball and humorous physics. The character's movements are extraordinary. You will find this game funny and fun.

Game missions

Your mission in Basket Random is to win the craziest basketball match. You will compete with your opponents, trying to throw the ball into the basket as much as possible.

Control the character

  • Player 1: Press W to control the character to jump up
  • Player 2: Press the up arrow key to jump

Basket Random game rules

Each team consists of two players. You control these two characters so that they can combine well together to complete a winning throw.

You can invite a friend to play this game with you. Each person controls a character that will create the funniest basketball game.

What makes it difficult for you is the character's movements. Try to get familiar with the movement and throwing mechanism of these hustlers.

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