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Ball Surfer 3D

About Ball Surfer 3D


Ball Surfer 3D is an endless ball-rolling game inspired by Slope game. Players must guide the ball through an endless adventure in space, roll down thousands of slopes, collect diamonds, buy power-ups, and try to get as far as possible!

How to play Ball Surfer 3D game

Like the Slope game, players must control a ball roll down thousands of slopes, and reach as far as possible. To do that, you must steer the ball to the left or right to avoid different obstacles like blocks, spikes, gaps, and more. Try to stay on the platform. When you fall off the platform or when you hit an obstacle, you will lose the game. Besides obstacles like blocks and spikes, there are also long gaps that require players to step on the speed-boost hills to reach further and overcome these gaps.

There are diamonds scattered around slopes. Try to collect them to purchase power-ups and unlock new balls.

The game offers 3 types of power-ups including Shield, Diamond Magnet, and x2 Diamonds. Each one costs a certain amount of diamonds to buy.

Players can also buy new balls with their earned diamonds. You can find a tennis ball, soccer ball, baseball ball, hockey ball, and more!

Game Controls

Left/right arrow keys or A/D to steer the ball.

Game Features

  • Endless rolling game with numerous levels and challenges
  • Different power-ups
  • 9 balls to unlock

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